• Customize This is your day and we want to make it a pleasure to plan. We work with you to create a custom menu which is a reflection of your unique style and taste. Whether you prefer the rich taste and subtle nuances of French cuisine, the spicy edge of Thai food, the sweet and saucy flavors of BBQ or simply want food reminiscent of the family recipes you grew up on, we will work with you to create a custom menu that expresses the flavors you love.
  • Innovation We pride ourselves in providing innovative “uncatered” food for your event. You don’t want a generic wedding so why would you want generic catered food?
  • Planning Here are a few things to think about when planning your menu Where was your first date? Do you have any family traditions or recipes you would like incorporated? What is your favorite dish to cook together? What is your favorite style of food? What is your favorite restaurant? Do you have any cultural or ethnic preferences? Where will you go on your honeymoon? Where will your reception be?
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